After several years of contact sports and my most recent motorcycle accident, I was suffering with serious back and neck pains which limited my athletic lifestyle. I would get constant migraines, lower back pain, stiff neck, and lots of aches and pains. Dr. Mindi examined me and took the time to sit down and talk to me in depth about how these sports injuries, and motorcycle accidents have really thrown my body out of normal alignment. My recovery has been unbelievable and I have been much more active. Everyday life has been more comfortable, and I am able to continue with my athletic lifestyle with no pain -- all thanks to the chiropractic care I've received by the "Moto Chiro.

Scott C.

A few months ago I was in agonizing pain in my lower back that came from nowhere. After trying conventional methods, I met Dr. Mindi who specialized in people who ride motorcycles. With her expert, thorough treatment I was able to ride again pain free. I would highly recommend Dr. Mindi to anyone who rides motorcycles!

Mery M.

Dr. Jentes has been a true game-changer in my life both personally and professionally. Personally she has coached me on why to be well rounded with my health overall: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Up until working with her, I had seen a number of chiropractors that all basically treated me the same. The assessed once, then provided the same adjustment repeatedly which I feel ultimately set me down the wrong path. Dr. Jentes on the other hand focuses on every aspect of nutrition, stress, and self-development to make sure she provides the highest level of patient care possible. Her assessment at every appointment, description of why she activated the areas she did, and her neurological focus has truly supported me in getting my head on straight. I also own a gym and work as a strength coach so from a professional standpoint Dr. Jentes has educated me and become a true go-to expert with any questions I have regarding the athletes I train on a regular basis. Thank you for everything Dr. Jentes, you rock!

Joe Whisney, Owner Beach Fitness, Inc. CrossFit Seal Beach

Dr. Mindi has been a wonderful source of relief to my neck pain. The Activator Method is something had only been introduced to me briefly in the past. However Dr. Mindi’s testing method throughout the entire treatment continues to impress me and comfort me that I know I am getting the best personalized treatment. My neck continues to feel better and I look forward to continued results.

Barbara Lands, Owner Beach Fitness, Inc. CrossFit Seal Beach

I am Professional Beach Volleyball Player Chris McDonald and Filipino National Team hopeful. Before I met Dr. Jentes I had chronic shoulder pain from my constant overhead swinging motion. My first encounter with chiropractic treatment was a negative experience so I was hesitant to work with another doctor. However, I stayed open minded and I am glad I did. Dr. Jentes adjusted my shoulder and it literally felt like I had a brand-new arm attached to my body. It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced in my professional career. She now treats me on a regular basis catering to every injury I encounter during my tour across the country and in the off season. I trust no other doctor to adjust me or aid me along my journey towards success in my athletic career. I highly recommend anyone to get under the care of her as soon as they can.

In short she is prolonging my career and keeping me healthy in multiple aspects. When I had the flu her care allowed me to recover quickly so I was able to travel and perform at 100%. When I have a nagging injury, I can always count on her care to make everything function properly. She has literally saved a friend of mine by simply giving her diagnosis on what avenues to take and the reasons for him feeling the way he was. I am blessed to have Dr. Mindi Jentes in my life both in and out of athletics. I cannot see myself being cared for by anyone else.

Team Christopher McDonald ChrisMcDonaldFitness.com Twitter: @MightyHawaiian Instagram: TeamChristopherMcDonald

Christopher McDonald, Professional Beach Volleyball Player

I am a motorcycle rider and a commercial truck driver by profession. I had a back injury from work late last year and was seeing a chiropractor thr​ough​ my worker's compensation insurance. My sessions with them did not help alleviate the pain that ​I​ was feeling in my lower back​,​ so I searched the internet and found Dr. Mind​i​'s clinic online​. I decided to try out her services. The clinic is well kept and the clinic staff was very courteous. Dr. Mind​i ​herself showed professionalism during our sessions​, ​and is reassuring with regards to helping me be pain free. After several sessions with her, ​I​ noticed the improvement on my level of pain​ in​ my back​.​ ​S​o it made me decide to see her even if my insurance does not cover chiropractic services. Given my line of work, I also like how flexible Dr. Mind​i​ is with regards to getting an appointment and ​rescheduling​ ​if needed. I highly recommend Dr. Mind​i's​ services to anyone who's experiencing some pain problems.

Luigi S.

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I first started seeing Dr. Mindi in January. The main reason I came was to get my ribs checked out, because we thought that one of them was out of place. Sure enough it was. Then I really started progressing. We also started to work on my posture, hip, shoulders, and my shoulder blades. She really helped me progress a lot in my physical and in my neurological health. At first I was nervous to go see a chiropractor, because I never really liked the thought of my bones being popped and all of that stuff, but then she used her method of adjusting called “The Activator.” I had never seen anyone use this method before. This tool looked almost like a needle with a rubber tip. The way she described it was like it activated the nerves or something like that, hence the name Activator. I really want to thank Dr. Mindi for all of the help she has given me to progress in my life physically and neurologically

Christian A.

I first met Dr. Mindi at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. I am not new to chiropractic, but have not been to one since my original doctor retired 10 years ago. Right when I met Dr. Mindi, she was totally welcoming and knew her stuff. She listened to my concerns and knew quickly what course of treatment I needed to get me physically back on track. When Dr. Mindi whipped out her Activator I knew right then we were going to get along great! This little device is so much more effective than a manual manipulation and less stressful (and noisey) she can pin-point the areas of your body that need treatment. I have referred Dr. Mindi to many friends and family members. I think she is a wonderful and caring doctor, and her patients benefit being under her care. Many thanks to Dr. Mindi!”

Brenda A.

I want to report how Chiropractic has helped me recover my hearing. Since I could remember, I was unable to hear from my right hear and my mother told me that I lost my hearing when I was only 2 years old. She told me that it burst and bleed. When I went to my first appointment, I could not hear. I got my first therapy and by the second visit, to my surprise, I could hear. My hearing was not 100% but I continue to hear little by little. Thank you Mindi for helping me and may God bless you.

Maria D. H.

I was having trouble sleeping due to the pain I was having in my back. It would be so bad that it would wake me up constantly. I would also have pain during and after playing various sports. I was also having my mom crack my back on a daily basis just to get some relief from the pain.

My mom brought me to Dr. Jentes and after just 2 adjustments my pain went away and i have been able to sleep through the night and play sports with no pain.

Timothy P.